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Julie Hawkins 006M sml

My life has been about finding Zen, it is now my life mission to help you find yours.


There was a time when I was dissatisfied, helpless, angry, frustrated, depressed, lost, and a number

of various other ailments connected to inner chaos.


With the gift of my daughter came the gift of two lives, hers, and mine, being a mother gave me courage, purpose, perspective, forgiveness, strength, focus, and patience.  Before having my daughter I embarked on various self-help quests, which gave me the tools to utilise, when I was ready.  I have always enjoyed a strong work ethic and whilst spending as much time as possible with my daughter in her early years I set up my multi-award-winning business KIH Products and completed a Law Degree, I am a single mum, and I am FULFILLED, because I know that I am living my life true to who I am, and to the best of my ability....


Finding Zen is so simple to understand when you feel it, but so hard to explain in a way that others

can find it to.  I will try my best:



The beauty of life is LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS (ALL), FOOD, SLEEP, MOTHER NATURE.  When you feel fulfilled as a person you can enjoy the above properly, without it being MISSED, or OVERSHADOWED, by STRESS.  You will feel GRATITUDE on a daily basis, and realise how truly

blessed you really are.



Fulfilment is a key element of ZEN, to feel fulfilled as a person you must be able to sustain your life in a fulfilling way, it is so simple, but very hard, and that is why many are stressed, and unfulfilled.....  read on...

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